Here you get the enemy class 12 vistas chapter previous years paper questions answers in English of AHSEC Assam Board and important-extra notes. The author of the chapter is Pearl S. Buck. Ncert solution with detailed explanation.


Previous Years Question Answers

1. Who was Hana? What did she notice coming out of the mist? (2019)
Ans: Hana was a beautiful Japanese girl. She noticed that something black come out of the mist. It was a man. He staggered a few steps. Then he fell on his face and lay there. 

2. Write a character-sketch of Dr. Sadao Hoki as depicted in “The Enemy”. (2019)
Ans: Dr Sadao Hoki was the only son of his father. He was highly influenced by his father. His education was his father's only concern. For this reaction, he had been sent to America at the age of twenty-two to study surgery and medicine. He met Hana in America at a professor's house and married her when he became sure that she was Japanese. This shows Sadao's love for Japan.

Dr Sadao was first a doctor and then anything else. He was a wonderful surgeon. Even the old general knew his worth and kept him in Japan. Dr Sadao's heart overflowed with human kindness.

Important Question Answers

1. What was the chief concern of Sadao's father?
Ans: Sadao's education was his father's chief concern. For this reason, he at 22 was sent to America to study surgery and medicine.

2. How did Sadao and Hana come to know that the man was an American, a prisoner of war and an enemy?
Ans: Sadao and Hana came nearer. They found some stains of blood on the sand. The man was wounded. He turned the man's head and they saw his face. He was a white man. They read his faint writing on the cap: "U.S. Navy". The man was a prisoner of war. He was an enemy soldier. Japan was at war with America.

3. Why did the servants leave Dr Sadao's house?
Ans: Japan was at war with America. Dr Sadao was nursing a wounded American, a prisoner of war. The servants didn't like Dr Sadao's generosity. They considered Dr Sadao's work an act of treachery. Hence, their patriotic feelings made them leave Dr Sadao's house.

4. How did the General react when Sadao informed him about the prisoner of war?
Ans: The behaviour of the General was quite surprising. His personal considerations overweight all other considerations. He didn't order the immediate arrest of the enemy. Nor did he take any action against Dr Sadao who had given shelter to an American soldier. He only offered to send two private assassins to get him killed secretly. But he never sent those men.

5. Who was Dr Sadao? Where was his house?
Ans: Dr Sadao was a famous and established Japanese doctor. He had gone to America for learning Surgery and medicine. Dr Sadao's house was built on a spot on the Japanese Coast.

6. Will Dr Sadao be arrested on the charge of harbouring an enemy?
Ans: Japan is at war with America. Giving shelter to a sailor of the U.S. Navy is anti-national work. Dr Sadao can be arrested. He can be punished on the charge of harbouring an enemy. But it will not happen. His servants will not disclose the matter to the police. The old General knows everything but he sleeps over the matter.

7. Will Hana help the wounded man and wash him herself?
Ans: Certainly, Hana has initial hesitations. The man is a prisoner of war. He is a wounded sailor of the U.S. Navy. Hana is reluctant to help the wounded man. First, the man is her enemy. America is at war with Japan. Secondly, she thinks that by giving Shelter to such a man they can be arrested. But her essential humanity and obedience to her husband compelled her to save Tom's life.

8. What will Dr Sadao and his wife do with the man?
Ans: After being operated on, the young man wakes up weak and terrified. Hana assures him that he need not be afraid. She serves him herself as none of the servants would enter the room. Sadao instructs him to take more rest.

9. What conflict did Dr Sadao and his wife Hana face before the doctor operated on the wounded American soldier?
Ans: Dr Sadao and his wife Hana remained in a state of conflict for quite a long time. They couldn't throw a wounded man again into the sea. If they gave shelter to him in their house, they could be arrested. Handing him over to the police would have meant throwing him into the jaws of death. They were in a state of intense conflict. Ultimately, the duty of a doctor overpowered all other petty considerations, The servants revolted at the 1dea of serving a white man. Hana herself washed the wound. Dr Sadao had decided to operate on Tom.

Hana obeyed her husband without a word. Hana was to give the anaesthetic if the patient needed it. The doctor made a clean and precise incision. The bullet was out. At last, Dr Sadao declared: "This man will live in spite of all".

10. Why and how did Dr Sadao help the prisoner of war to escape? Do you find him guilty of harbouring an enemy?
Ans: Dr Sadao had given a new lease of life to the American prisoner of war. He didn't want to throw him into the jaws of death again. He asked the young soldier to take his private boat at night. He should row in the cover of darkness to a little deserted island nearby. The young American could live there until he saw a Korean fishing boat pass by. Food, bottled water and two quilts were put inside the boat. If the food ran out, he could signal two flashes. He was not to signal in darkness because he could be Ň°een. The young American came down into the darkness of the garden and escaped. The prisoner had gone quite safe.

No, Dr Sadao can't be found guilty of harbouring an enemy. No doubt countries at war are considered natural enemies. But we shouldn't forget that Sadao was a
doctor. And for a doctor saving a dying man is the foremost priority. It doesn't matter if the dying man is an enemy.

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